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Weekend in Chicago

I have visited Chicago for a weekend in Summer. Before reaching there, I did some research by browsing about all the places there and figuring out a plan to make the best out of my trip. But after reaching there I learnt that my research was not all that useful. I thought I will not go for a pass, as I may not have time to cover all places and I might end up overpaying for the pass. For a weekend trip to Chicago, getting a go-Chicago card is awesome way to cover the whole city. Individual attractions are very costly with each one costing around $20. Go Chicago card at $71 per day or $104 per days is a very good value. It provides access to 26 attractions, out of which if you visit even 5 of them, you will get your money back. Also, all of the major attractions in Chicago are covered with that card. Buying the card, you will also get access to local guided bus service which will take you from one attraction to other. Following are some tips to plan the trip.

1. Get the go-Chicago card by 9am.  ( pleaseeeeee, start early )

2. Start your trip at Hancock tower. ( 1 hr, $27 normal admission, $35 express admission, go chicago card covers express admission )

3. Next go to Willi or Sears tower ( 1 hr , $17.5 normal admission )

4. Next go to the Chicago Art museum ( 1 hr, $28 normal admission )

5. Go to Planetarium, ( 1 hr, $28 normal admission, watch 3D movie ) , after planetarium get the awesome view of Chicago sky line and river.

6. Go to Acquarium ( 1 n half hr, ~$30 normal admission, go chicago card offers express check-in here )

7. Go to filed museum ( I missed it, I could not cover , not enough time ­čśŽ )

8. Go to Navy Pier ( Be there before 5.30 pm, get the ticket to Architectural tour, 1 hr ).

That should be your day 1. Next day you can take a walk on the Magnificent Mile, a place for shoppers, have ice cream at the Girardeli, deep dish pizza at Giordanos.

If you have 2 day pass, then you can go to the zoo or any other attractions you might be interested in which are covered in the pass.

There is a grey line bus which runs continuously between the attractions I mentioned above. So need to visit all the above attractions in the order I have listed, to save a lot time.

Link to Go-Chicago card.

( I am not selling this card, I found it be useful on my trip. I started my trip in the afternoon at 12.30pm, hence I could not cover all the attractions, so this is my small advice to make the most out of your time and money)