Monthly Archives: March 2012

Chrome’s multiple user accounts

Just explored the Chrome’s multiple user accounts feature, isn’t it awesome. I have two google accounts, my original google account and my college’s google app account. I need to be logged into both the accounts. I used to open one account in Chrome and other in Firefox. Now with this feature, my dependency on Firefox is over(which once used to be my default browser). Chrome is now intelligent enough to manage two different profiles. These profiles don’t share anything like bookmarks, sessions, saved forms.

If you want to manage users then just follow the below steps

1. Enter this “chrome://settings/personal” in url field.

2. In the right pane, second section should be “Users”. Here you can add, delete and edit the users.

What Next?

I believe this feature might be more intended for two different users like family members. But I am using it to manage my two different google accounts and I am sure there are many who might be having more than one google account, like having one for personal use and other is a google apps account for professional use. In which case it is such a big problem to manage different services of google such as Youtube, docs, calendar and so on. For example, my Youtube playlists are separate between the two accounts, same with docs and calendar. Synching is such a big issue. Now with Google plus, things are more complicated, making it more confusing regarding which account I should be logged in. How is google going to address this. I hope it does :(.