Just 2 more months

Come September my life is gonna change a lot. For the last 5+ years , I should say I have had a very comfortable life. It was just work , earn and relax. Well  “change is scary” , its gonna be very difficult for me to let go of this comfortable life and to wear the student hat back on. With no paycheck coming on the 1st of every month, managing finances are gonna be difficult too.

That’s the difficult part . Then is it worth leaving all this comfort and start a new journey. Well I am not sure . But what I am sure of is , I think its going to give me a good time to realign my goals , learn and  also meet great people.

Before I do start on this MBA journey , I do have some things to take care of in these two months  such as visa,loan and my present job. I hope it all goes well and the journey starts :).

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