Don’t skip AWA in pratice tests

I wrote a Manhattan test today and the result was 620 ( q47 , v29 ) . Less compared to my previous Manhattan test where I got 650 ( q46 , v33 ) . The difference between both the tests is , I have written the AWA today which I skipped in the previous test. I am not sure if it has made a difference ,but I was certainly feeling very drained by the time I was half way through the Verbal section. I ended up not answering 5 questions in the in the verbal section which might have dragged the score down to 29.

One take away from this test was , never write practice tests by skipping the AWA section. I could make out a lot of difference between this test and the ones before. Writing those essays was not the difficult part , but I could feel the tiredness slowly increasing as I was going through the Quant section and was literally counting each question of verbal section. I can’t afford this in the final test , need to make sure I am very comfortable sitting for 4 hrs and writing the test.  I will increase the frequency of writing tests probably two per week , also will make sure that I do the AWA section.

But what’s happening with my preparation.I have given the first Manhattan test three weeks back in which I scored 650 and now I scored  620 . The scores are supposed to be reverse 😦 . Between both these tests I was preparing on quant and SC . I am not that worried on quant , as in the GMATPrep I scored 50 . I feel I am almost there when it comes to quant with a little work in some areas.

But with SC , I am still making lots of mistakes.I did put some effort in SC , by going through the entire SC OG for second time and also solving some online quizzes in Kaplan and Mahattan.But looks like I am still not there. I am in a kind of confusion now on how I can improve the SC scores,help me :(.

Manhattan 1 — 650 ( 46q , 33 v )  — 2nd May 2010

GMATPrep  1 — 660 ( 50q , 30v )  — 14th May 2010.

Manhattan 2 — 620 ( 47q , 29v )  — 21st May 2010.



2 thoughts on “Don’t skip AWA in pratice tests

  1. pb

    Have you tried spidey’s and sinhal’s notes? I have gone all the way through them, but they might be worth looking over before you take another shot at the OG.

    Also if you are not benefiting from the OG’s answer then that method will not help you, all you will be doing is memorizing he answers.

    Maybe you should take a step back study the answers themselves breakdown the explanations, and define each term that is giving you trouble. Then once you have a solid understanding of their language go back to the OG.

    Also the elements of Style has been recomended as a no nonsense guide to the American-English grammar.

    All the best,

    1. Sharath Post author

      Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I have not gone through spidey’s notes. Got it now , will certainly go through it.

      You got it right regarding taking the OG once again. I am able to guess the answers without actually knowing the real explanation for it. So I stopped doing OG now. I am going through new questions in Kaplan and Manhattan and making notes of areas where I am doing wrong.


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