My first GMATPrep test

I started my preparation in January and was planning to write my gmat some time in April . Was planning to book the date once my preparation comes to a level :). But neither happened. So on my friends push I booked the date ,it is Jun 23rd.Hardly a month left 😦 .

I wrote the GMATPrep today and scored 660 ( 50 quant , 30 verbal ) . Well the quant score looks good , But I still got 10 questions wrong in it. Considering the score of 50 , I will reduce my concentration on quant for couple of weeks now . Will only be reviewing the quant questions from the tests I write.

Verbal score of 30 was bad. On reviewing the questions I found that most of the SC questions were wrong , RC was average and CR was good.Also as I didn’t finish on time as a result I haven’t answered one question,would have paid penalty for that too.Will concentrate on SC for a week now and will check the progress in one week with the next test.

I have gone through the manhattan SC and completed the OG 12 SC questions. Even though I completed the OG SC , I don’t think I have really benifitted from that. As I couldn’t understand most of the answers from it. I have started with OG SC once again today. But I still don’t have the confidence , that I would make the most of it this time. I am taking the approach of looking up the OG SC questions in online forums of BeatTheGmat and Manhattan,its taking a lot of time though. But this is the best plan I have as of now 😦 for SC.

One more problem I am facing with SC is , while I am preparing,I am kind of cool and look out for different approaches to solve.But when writing the test with the pressure of time ticking away, I am not able to do that. I am just reading the answer choices and selecting the best I feel.


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