Monthly Archives: September 2007

best players

We see many players play extraordinarly on a particular day or in a tournament.But only few ones end up performing for considerable amount of time.Here I am not going to teach what it takes to perform like that.But I would like to list the players whom I think are extraordinary , because I dream of seeing myself so.

Starting with Roger Federer.

He is an artist.Seeing his play makes me feel as if I am hearing to beautiful music.He makes the play look so simple yet plays it to perfection.There are many factors which I feel are superior.

Being cool — He might be on the edge of loosing the match.But still you will see Federer whom you saw before the start of play.He never lets his emotions take the control of the game.The more pressure he feels,the best you see out of him.

Keep it up — He never looses it when he wins the tournament.He always improves himself as a player.Setting the standards for other players to match up with him.

Perfection — He is the master of the game.There is no shot in the game which he is not good at.He has mastered all the elements of the game.Leaving no chance for his opponent to take charge on him.

Learn your enemy — He is always good at learning about his opponent.Learning about their weaknesses.Always ready to attack them.