Art of War

What makes a person more talented while the other a loser,what stops a average person to be a winner these are the questions one encounters in all faces of life.

God is THE BEST architect.No one knows why the world exist.Who created it.Why do we exist in this world.And what is life.we go through the complete cycle of life.Not knowing what is the meaning of its existence.

This is the same state we are in right now.I can’t answer any of those above questions,so i go ahead in living my life.The only thing which we are in control of is our life.God creates some as in born champions,some average and some stupid.Its a beautiful balance maintained by God.So if I am stupid ,I ask why is it I am a stupid,why wasn’t I a champion.The easy one to blame is God :).

Lets take a scenario.Where a champion , a average and a stupid is given a sword each which are of same quality.Three of them are asked to fight with 3 average persons.The champion wins over his apponent easily while the average may or may not win and the stupid loses it for sure.What made the champion win and stupid loose.All of them were given same swords , all of them were to fight with same level apponents.This is how our life is , when we enter the battelfield called life we all have swords in terms of strengths and we all face the apponents which is world.But at the end of the day some of them are successful and some or not.

So everyone has a sword ,its up to us how to use it.The one who uses it best to his strengths is the champion.So here I redefine the definition of champion , average and a stupid.A champion is a person who improves his strengths in battelfield irrespective of whether he wins or not.A average person is one who just plays to his strengths.A stupid person is one who loses his strengths(even if he wins).

We need to look at our swords (strengths) .Need to identify the sharpest edges and weakest ones.We have to make sure that the sharpest ones remain sharper and we need to concentrate on the weaker edges and improve them one after the other.

In several instances I have been as a stupid and a average person.I am learning atleast to be at average consistantly.

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