Worst day of Indian Cricket

Indian loss to Srilanka in the final group match has knocked out India from the World cup.Its the worst thing a India cricket fan would expect of the team.What are the reasons for this poor performance of the team.Well there are many.

Cricket is the main sport in India.Almost every Indian kid plays cricket,it is involved in the life’s of almost every Indian.So naturally when so many people are around it ,so is the craze for the game and so is the money involved in it.And when there is money,in comes all the bad elements of the world.

A normal kid who grows up in the streets playing cricket and who slowly emerges to be a good player,makes his way into district level cricket,state level cricket and then finally the big stage of International Cricket.A cricketer to make this long journey,goes through many hurdles of bribing the selectors at district level and ranji level.And there is hardly any public attention over him,before he makes his way into the International cricket.And during this journey he concentrates a lot on his cricketing skills.

Once the player makes it to the Big stage,he performes and performs really well,as this was his dream since childhood .But the world around him suddenly changes,he is not just a cricketer anymore,he is god to 1 billion people.Where ever he goes he has public attention ,now cricket is not the only thing he has to concentrates on.He will be concentrating on his public image , being a brand ambassdor for major brands, his banking accounts,being a celebrity,……………………………

So naturally comes down the performance of the player for whom cricket was his life before , now it becomes only a part of his life.He is no more consistent,he is no more eager to improve his skills,He will just play to keep his position safe in the team.This is the stage of all the players in our Indian Cricket team.

We cannot change the interest people have for cricket,we cannot bring down the money involved in the game,so what is it that can be done to improve the quality of cricket in India.

Well the change has to come from the BCCI.The largest Sporting body on Planet Earth.With the huge funds BCCI has , it can setup a academy in each district of India.It can identify young talent at district level.And it can frequently organize and monitor the games at district level.And then instead of having ranji trophy,where all states meat each other.It can organize games between states in each zone and then select a team for each zone.And let those 4 zone teams play each other frequently.

In this approach , you finally have top 44 players of the nation playing against each other.In this way we build up a lot of latent,which puts lot of pressure on the players of International cricket team.For all that to happen,there should not be any bribe involved in the approach.Players should be picked only based on talent and not on recomendations of the politicans or by bribe.

But in reality , BCCI will not think anything other than earning money.Its not going to change any process,at the most it will remove the poor coach Greg Chappell,it will remove some poor performers from the team,thats the max its going to do.(BCCI started a t.v channel to increase its income)

Again India will play a tournament at home ground , it will perform better in that and again the poor fans will start following the game in a hope that India is coming back strong.Its a cycle which is never going to change.

One thought on “Worst day of Indian Cricket

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