Business Man’s Cricket.

It was a game played between 11 of Indian business men and 11 of serious Bangladesh players who are dedicated to cricket and eager for a win.

In time Indian cricketers have been concentrating a lot on adds , money and celebrity status.Eventually forgetting what they are made up for.We were not even able to give a proper fight to the Bangladesh in our opener in the world cup.

Inconsistency comes when a player is not dedicated for the team.Indian players are so carried away by all other things around them that by the end of the day,cricket is not the main part of their life.When you give a player like Shewag innumerable chances even when he fails consistently,it kind of builds a comfort zone for other players that its ok not to perform for a short while.And eventually players become inconsistent in their approach and game.

Its a bad day for Indian cricket and all of its fans.But for Indian cricket team its just a day of cricket,what matters to them at the end of the day is their huge paychecks.


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