What can you ask more

If you ask yourselves who wins the world cup this time.Australia might have been the answer 1 month back,but now it can be any one of the top 8 ODI teams.Heres my ranking for the teams who might come out as the leaders at the end of the day.

Strengths — Great talent,Ponting,Hussey,McGrath………………….
Weekness — Five straight losses before world cup

They will hit back and hit back very hard.Even with the lack of Symonds and Lee,they are still equipped with best talent in the world.

Strengths — No.1 ODI side at present,Fighting ability,Pollock,Nthini,Smith……………
Weekness — Not so reliable batting line up.

They should have won world cup twice till now.They always enter the world cup being favourets to win it.But they find it hard to go past the semis.Their is bowling line up is in great form and on pictches like WestIndies thats going to be a great weapon to have.

3.West Indies
Strengths — Home Ground,Batting line up,Gayle,sarwan,lara……..
Weekness — Bowling line up,Inconsistent batting

They certainly carry a lot of advantage being a hosting nation.They have suprised a lot in the recent times,by winning the ICC Champions trophy 3 years back. If they want to win a world cup then its all up to the big guns Gayle, Lara and other batting line up.

Strengths — Confidence,Fighting ability,vettori,bond………
Weekness — No real stars in batting line up,injury to oram

They have the highest confidence compared to all teams and why not ,they have beaten the world champions thrice in a row.But the problem is with batting line up,which does not list any great batsman ,but they do have lot of allrounders.They play key role in the success of NewZeland.

Strengths — Batting line,Yuvraj,Sachin,Ganguly……….
Weekness — Bowling lineup,form of key players

They hold most of the records for batting line up,their batsman have the best numbers interms of runs.But its all upto how their batsman click and they hold the key.Bowling is weekness , but the great batsman can make it up with their batting.

Strengths — Batting and Bowling,Vaas,Jayasurya……..
Weekness — Inconsistency,bowling line up at times

They are the suprise package always.They dont have extraordinay talent ,but they can be a great team on their day.They have some key players like jayasurya , murali, vaas, jayawardane .Performance of these players will hold the key to their success.

Strengths — Batting line up,Inzamam,yousuf……..
Weekness — Inconsistency,feilding.

They can be the most harsh apponent on their day.But they hardly continue their form for couple of matches.If they can improve their consistency and improve the feilding , no suprise in seeing them the world champions beating every one above in this list.

Strengths — Confidence,Flintoff,Collingwood,Peiterson…..
Weekness — lack of Experienced players,Bowling line up.

They are high on confidence right now with a try series win over Australia and Newzeland.They seriously lack experience in their side.They heavily depend on players like , Collingwood,Flintoff.You can’t win world cup with couple of good players ,you got to have good team effort if u have beat the top teams.They do have chance ,if they can have other players in form.

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