Holiday in Goa

Dil chatha hai was the movie which introduced Goa to me,that was the destination which i was dreaming to go since then and finally came the time.

Well the plan was sudden,we decided to go Goa and got the bus tickets and were there at the bus stop on time by 6.30pm but to our bad luck we were waiting till 10p.m when we finally boarded the bus.That was a horrible journey which included one puncture and one change of bus at the Goa border.We finally reached Goa by 2p.m ,counting totally 16 hrs of journey.But finally we were there.

After a quick bath we were ready to explore Goa,we took a bus to Miramar beach.It was not a great beach to visit,but its very near compared to other beaches in Goa.So for people staying in Panji(Goa Bus stand) , you can visit this beach in spare time or in night after 10 to have cool breeze.

Then we came back from Miramar to Panji in a bus and then took a taxi to North Goa.Well Goa is divided into North Goa , South Goa.You can have one day trips to each places to cover the beaches in those areas.So coming back to the trip ,we went to Calangute beach,that was supposed to be the one of the best of beaches.Well i cant say it was great,but it was ok.It had huge crowd but to add to our luck there were mostly Indians.But the beach had water biking at a cost of 100 per head,para gliding over the sea and boating too.If you want to have some fun with water sport then North Goa can provide you that.

After the beautiful evening on the beach ,we had a long walk for about half n hour on the beach.By the time it was completely dark we settled ourselves for a candle light dinner on the beach with waves at just 50 meters from our table.Everything was perfect , candle light , perfect whether with slow a breeze and the beautiful sound of waves.What can you ask more.The dinner was long with lots of boozing and chatting.And then we went to check out the night life of Goa,on the way we found a disco,which was charging nominal 300 per head.Considering the good crowd which was going in , we gave a try.We all went in and had a great night,we danced for 2 hr.That was great day,we were on bed by 2,eagerly waiting for the sun rise.

We got up at 8 in the morning ,we booked the taxi to go for a trip of south Goa.We first went to the church Basilica of Bom Jesus where the body of St Francis Xavier is present.It was not a great time spending for us,so we completed that fast and went to the beach Polalam.Its the best blue water beach in Goa.It is 70 km from Goa so it took some time for us to reach this place,we had our lunch over there,and then had a long walk over the whole beach,to primarly check out the huge foreign crowd.It being a bit far from city,the place was filled mostly with foreigners,that was the time we really felt that we were in Goa.You get to see a lot foreign crowd sun bathing,playing or swimming.The water is very clear,so we went in and had fun for some time before we started to Coval beach.

We reached Coval beach by 5p.m,may be it was the right timing,we got to see a beautiful sunsetAs it was a sunday and this beach being a bit close to the city ,there was a huge crowd.We took a lot of snaps at the sunset.Water is clear here and you get to see a lot of coconut trees on the beach,overall its a very beautiful place to be.Thats the end of the second day,lets see whats in store for the last day.

Last day we booked a taxi to take a tour of North Goa.We started up with the Aguada jail.That was a great place to be.You get to see the sea from a great height ,You see a lots n lots of ships from that height and small islands.That was the place,where prisoners used to be kept,i feel you have to be a lucky prisoner to go there.Do not miss to visit this place,if you visit Goa.

We were then to Anjuna beach,where we just posed for some snaps and we made a quick move to Vagator beach.We spent a long time at that beach , playing beach volleyball , boozing and swimming.Thats a beautiful beach with lots of rocks on the shores.It also has black sand unlike all other beaches.

The gang was Bhaskar,Guru,Janardhan,Raghav,myself,Theja and Venkatesh.All in all it was a great trip and its a great place for a holiday.Plan everything well,better travel by train and 3 days would be a sufficient time to cover goa.

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