Monthly Archives: January 2007

Guru not inspirational

Coming to “Guru”,expectations were heavy for me as the movie was from Maniratnam and the story was of Diru Bhai Ambani,the legendry Business men from India.Ambani was a guy who started his career as a small employee in a petroleum company but later went on to become a head of Reliance Industries and worlds 113th richest person.
Movie runs the complete life story of Ambani,but was not successfull in being inspirational. Though credit goes to Abhishek bachan in handling the role of Guru,he adjusted himself very well to the role of a bussiness man with a look of 50 years of age and he was exceptional during times when he had to act as a man with paralysis stroke.Music of the movie is good,specially one song “Barso re”.All in all its a good movie, you will be happy watching the story of Ambani , how he grew from no where to become a legendry bussiness man and the acting of Abhishek Bachan.
I have been a hard core fan of Maniratnam since i saw his movie “Nayagan” ,it has been my first movie since then and later follows movies like Godfather,Cast Away,Beautiful Mind.


Download mp3

Well after my struggle to find a place where i can download english mp3,i think i finally hit on one.You can go to this website and search for the song you wanna download.It lists several sites from where you can download your song.